Completely finished

This is the story of how i went from COMPLETE to FINISHED to COMPLETELY FINISHED.

Thursday 20th December. 5:45am
It was a cold harmattan morning. I was driving out of the estate where i lived. With me in the car was Rukky, my girlfriend of three years, fiancé, live-in lover, woman of my dreams and mother of my unborn children. I was on my way to work. I was also taking Rukky to the park to board a vehicle to Port Harcourt. She was travelling for the yuletide. We rode together in silence. At the park, i offloaded Rukky’s stuff from d trunk of the car. She drew me into a vice-like hug and clung to me like a wispy willow. I placed a kiss on her right cheek and carefully extricated myself from her grip.
“Traffic is building, i have to go”, i said. She nodded sadly.
I swallowed nervously and walked back to the car. She stood watching till i drove off in a haze of dust and smoke

Friday December 7th. 11:50pm
I was dog tired. It had been a very long day and a last minute hitch at work had sent all my TGIF plans into a tailspin. All i wanted to do now was crawl into bed and cuddle with Rukky. I was alone with my thoughts on the expressway. No traffic! As i approached the estate gate i noticed a figure in the semi-darkness flagging my car. I slowed down. Nothing wey person no go see for this Lagos. Who is this one now on the road? I shrugged and drove past while trying to catch a glance of the figure in my rear view mirror. The figure i saw was decidedly female. She looked distressed. There i was thinking she was one of those “ladies of the night.” But what i saw suggested otherwise. I applied my brakes. She ran towards my car
“Please…a..are you going into the estate?” she asked breathlessly
“Yes i am” i replied hesitantly giving her a thorough once over.
First i noticed her hair was cut in a mohawk. I also noticed the wide set innocent looking eyes and full lips set in a heart shaped face. And the perky breasts that i couldn’t take my eyes off. I suspected she wasn’t wearing a bra beneath the dark coloured tank top she was putting on.
“Are you going into the estate” she asked again, bringing me back to the present
“Oh yes! Come in” i responded brightly
The almost tearful face broke into the cutest smile i’d ever seen on a woman. Even in the semi-darkness, her even white teeth gleamed in perfection.
“I’m really sorry about this”, she tried to apologise.
“I know you don’t know me, but we live on the same street. She continued when i didn’t respond
” I got here only to discover the estate shuttle has closed for the day. I’ve been standing here for about half an hour hoping someone would give me a ride home. Then you came”
“Oh no, it’s nothing”, i heard myself say
Her scent permeated my car. It was a heady scent. I wanted to ask her where she was coming from at this time of the night. I wanted to ask her why she was out so late knowing she didn’t have any means of personal transportation. I started getting angry. I didn’t know why but a kind of anger just welled up inside me so much that when she tried to make small talk i promptly cut her off.
I turned into my street.
“My house is the next one”
No way! What? This girl who managed to stir feelings of anger and desire in me at the same time lived just two houses away from me? I stopped the car and let her off.
I said a silent prayer of thanks that i’d scaled through this one successfully.
As expected, Rukky was in bed. She looked beautiful even as she slept, clad in nothing but the blood red silk nightie i’d bought for her last valentine. The hem had ridden up such that the pale flesh of her thighs was exposed. I slipped into bed and slid my hands under the hem of her nightie letting my palm brush her intimately. She purred in acquiescence

Monday 24th December. 4:35pm
It was Christmas Eve. Most offices were working half day. I closed at 2pm, made a quick stop at Shoprite for drinks and groceries and decided to head home to a quiet christmas. I didn’t have to bother about food, Rukky had made sure to stock the fridge with soups and stew before travelling. All i had to do was microwave and eat. I wondered to myself how i would survive without Rukky. Already i’d told my best friend Seun that this coming year would see me getting married. “The sooner, the better”, he had said
I turned into my street, gbam! There she was. The mohawk girl. She was standing in front of her gate. I wanted to reverse the car and put as much distance between myself and her but i knew i couldn’t do that. I was inching closer to her gate now, she was smiling. I slowed down out of courtesy and honked. She waved at me. I suddenly realised i’d stopped in front of her gate and that i had wound the glass down. I felt cornered.
“Merry christmas, stranger”, i heard myself say
“Merry christmas”, she replied, eyes brimming with laughter.
“How’s the holiday going for you?” she enquired
“Why now? With all the parties and shows everywhere?” she asked incredulously
“Well”, i said throwing my hands up in surrender. She stared at me
“Why don’t you hop in so we can go grab a drink?”
I knew i had just messed up my plans of a quiet evening of Rukky’s dinner and TV. I knew i shouldn’t be doing what i was about to do. But i consoled myself that i wasn’t hurting anybody just yet. Besides what evil could come out of a harmless drink? So i reversed the car and we drove off.
Over drinks she told me her name is Tracy. She is a student of Uniben and was in Lagos to see her mom who lives in the estate with her step-father. I found her exciting, almost intriguing. She was drinking so much i wondered if i should stop her in her tracks. She asked me if i smoke and i shook my head in the negative. She stepped out and came back with a pack of cigarettes. She moved to light a stick and blew smoke rings in my face. I snatched the cigarette from her lips. She laughed in mock surprise and lit another one. Hour after hour sped by, and by the time i checked my wristwatch, it was 8:00pm.
I told her it was time to leave. She looked sad but obliged. She tried to stand up and swayed from side to side in the process. I moved in to support her so she wouldn’t fall. Her heady scent was all over me. Citrus and something i couldn’t quite place my finger on. She hung on to me as if for dear life. I felt the stirrings of an erection as i half carried, half dragged her to the car.
Though slightly tipsy myself, i managed to drive us home in one piece. I congratulated myself that it all went well. Or didn’t it go well?

Tuesday 25th December
I woke up to a knock on the gate. I was hoping that the visitor would get tired and leave but the banging continued loud and insistent. It appeared whoever it was knew i was at home and would not leave as i’d hoped. I sat up groggily and dragged myself into the sitting room wondering who it was that had the brazing effrontery to disturb my sleep on christmas morning. I opened the gate to find Tracy with a cooler of food in one hand smiling impishly.
“Merry christmas, i hope you slept well” she said bubbling past me into the compound.
I was still standing there as she walked into the living room. I locked the gate and quickly moved after her
I got in to discover she was in the kitchen. She was dishing portions of sweet smelling jollof rice and chicken from the cooler into two plates. I swallowed hungrily remembering how i’d fallen into bed immediately i got home in my semi-drunk state last night. I also remembered that my groceries were still in the car. I went out to get them. When i came back, she was not in the living room, neither was she in the kitchen. I checked the visitor’s toilet off the living room and she wasn’t there too. I made for my bedroom and there i found her sitting on my bed holding a framed picture of Rukky and I in her hands. I took the picture from her and set it back on the night stand
“She’s beautiful”
“Hmm” i grunted for want of a better reply
She stood up from the bed, she barely reached up to my chin but she stretched up on tiptoe to plant a kiss on my chin. She turned to walk away. I grabbed her shoulders and spun her around to face me and kissed her hard, punishing her with my tongue. But she welcomed the pain and matched me thrust for thrust. I slid my hands from her shoulders to her chest and my palms brushed past her breasts. She shuddered in delight. She quickly drew out of my embrace so she could take off her top and the pair of jeans she was putting on. Just as i had suspected the other night, there was no bra. Clad in nothing but a lace G-string she matched me stare for stare. I dragged her into an embrace, crushing her perky breasts against my chest. I found her soft lips again and kissed her, this time with all the longing in my veins. I quickly shrugged out of my boxers and tees and we fell on the bed together.
She got on top of me, trailing kisses down my chin, my nipples, one, then the other. She went down to my belly button and further still. When her warm mouth closed down on me it was like a jolt of electricity. I grabbed her mohawk and pushed myself further down her throat. She somehow managed to accommodate my girth in that mouth of hers. She went down on me like nobody’s business and just when i was about shooting it up to heaven, she stopped.
“Oh no no no no no”, i moaned in protest.
“Don’t stop”
She straddled me and guided me into her warm, moist receptacle. The world stopped for a fraction of a second. Then she started bouncing up and down. I grabbed her waist as she continued in that timeless rhythm. She guided my hands to her nipples, i squeezed them hard. She moaned, throwing her head back in delight. My release came sooner than i’d anticipated. Sweeter and more satisfying than any i’d ever experienced. I opened my eyes to find Rukky staring back at me from the picture on the night stand. I reached for the picture and turned it face down. Tracy looked at me but said nothing. She quietly got off and moved to wear her clothes.
I got to the kitchen, the two plates of food were still sitting on the counter. I suddenly remembered that i was hungry. I grabbed one of the plates as well as a drink from the fridge. I settled myself on the couch in front of the TV in the living room. She also took her food and came to sit beside me on the couch. We barely made it through the meal before we went at each other again.

For the next one week, our lives, Tracy and mine fell into a routine of sorts. Through out the holidays we were practically together. She would come as early as 7am and not leave until midnight. After all she lived just two houses away. By the time work resumed after christmas, it was just natural to give her a key to my place so she could let herself in while i was at work. It was a thrill to come home every evening to a clean house and freshly cooked dinner. After dinner we would smoke a joint together and “swing from the chandeliers”. After she’d encouraged me to try it a few times, i finally gave in and totally enjoyed the high i got from smoking pot.
Somewhere in the back of my mind i felt we had a tacit understanding that this thing we had was a temporary affair. A fleeting madness. We never talked about it. We just went with the flow.

Monday 31st December. 8:35pm
I hadn’t seen Tracy since last night. I couldn’t reach her through her phone number. I walked up to her gate but i was unable to muster the courage to knock. I walked back to my place dejected.

Saturday 5th January. 3:50pm
I hadn’t seen Tracy all week. I still couldn’t reach her on her mobile because it was switched off. I drove past her house, willing the gate open so i could see Tracy’s smiling face again. I shook my head at myself and continued on. I was on my way to the park to pick Rukky up.
Rukky hugged me in delight when she saw me. My conscience was eating me alive

Monday 7th January. 5:32am
We were getting ready for work, Rukky and I. I still couldn’t believe Tracy just left like that. Without a word. I was angry at her, at myself. I barely went through the motions this weekend with Rukky. She sensed something was not right but i brushed it off as nothing. My performance in bed was even worse. I couldn’t even concentrate.

“Mena, have you seen my jewellery box?”
I was brought back to the present by Rukky’s quizzing voice
“Its in the wardrobe now”
“No its not”
“Where did you leave it before you travelled?”
“In the wardrobe of course”
We were running late. I didn’t understand why Rukky chose to lose her jewellery box on a monday morning.
“Please let’s go. You’ll search for it in the evening”
She obliged me grudgingly and we left for work…

Monday,7th January. 7:50pm
I was trying to watch the news when Rukky stormed into the living room:
“Mena, i’m still looking for my jewellery box oh”
“You mean you haven’t seen it?”
“No, i haven’t ”
I followed her to the room to find all our clothes on the floor. She had practically turned the wardrobe inside out in search of the jewellery box. She was sitting on the floor rifling through the things she had deposited there still searching for the elusive box
She stood up straight and looked me in the face.
“Mena, where is my jewellery box”
I stared back in confusion and then it hit me. She noticed the moment the switch flicked on in my head and she seized it.
“Yes….tell me. I’m waiting”
I feigned anger.
“What do you mean by tell me? Are you saying i stole my girlfriend’s jewellery? I said, raising my voice
“I’m not saying anything” she replied calmly. Just tell me where my jewellery box is
I stormed out of the house and got into the car. I drove to Tracy’s house and anger fuelled my courage to knock the gate.
A woman in her mid forties appeared at the gate. I asked to see Tracy and she replied that Tracy had gone.
“To where?” I enquired
“I don’t know and i don’t care” came her reply.
“That good for nothing daughter of mine tried to sleep with my husband. Sometimes i wonder if she’s really mine”, she fumed
At this point my hands were on my head, i was close to tears
“Madam, my entire relationship depends on Tracy’s whereabouts”
“If i don’t see Tracy, i am finished”
She peered at me as if seeing me for the first time.
“Maybe you can call this number”. She went into the house and came back with the number written on a piece of paper. She moved to close the gate, i had been dismissed.
I called the number, Tracy picked up. I asked her if she took my Rukky’s jewellery box and she replied in the affirmative. I was speechless. I asked her why, she said she didn’t know why. She hung up. I called her back, she refused to pick up.

Monday 7th January, 2013. 10:50pm
I sat in the car for two hours. I couldn’t bring myself to knock the gate. I could see my well planned future of marrying Rukky falling apart right before my eyes. I finally let myself in. The house was quiet. Rukky had fallen asleep on the pile of clothes on the floor. I quickly grabbed a pillow and made for the couch in the living room. I would face my demons tomorrow but for now i needed a good night’s sleep.
Sleep eluded me. I tossed and turned all night.
Please what should i do? Should i confess my sins and risk losing the woman i love or tell a lie that may come back to haunt me later? I need your help



3 thoughts on “Completely finished

  1. erhimena oghenero says:

    Really structurally crafted,am quite impressed…it took a long time coming..⌣»̶·̵̭̌·̵̭̌✽̤̈̊Ŧђɑ̤̥̈̊п̥̥̲̣̣̣kƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇✽̤̈̊·̵̭̌·̵̭̌«̶ dawan..

  2. reya mak says:

    Tell the truth,then beg,infact grovel,do whatever it takes to get her forgiveness and when it comes,thank your stars you didn’t mess up your life,then spend the rest of your life making it up to ur girlfriend.PS,go for an HIV test

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