The professor and his lady

I suppose it was an easy choice for Jite to decide I was going to be the Compere of her special day. After all I had emceed her elder sister’s wedding two years before. The fact that I have known Jite for the past 15 years helped my case in more ways than one. For her, it was Dawan or no one else. Jite called me many months before the wedding to “reserve the date oh”. According to her, she didn’t want me to book another client for that day hence the early call.

It is not every day that you come across a couple who have five degrees between them. They met for the first time in a Lecturer’s office at the Delta State University where they were once undergraduate students in the department of Chemistry. Theirs was indeed a cerebral match made in heaven.

Due to demanding schedules I was unable to meet with Jite and Voke (her husband) before the wedding but I communicated a lot with them via telephone and email. Let me fill you in on a secret, I have been blessed to work with really extraordinary brides and Jite is no exception. She was reassuringly composed, self-assured and pleasant as opposed to the tense and anxious brides I have heard about but thankfully never met.

Jite had requested that I keep it short and simple and I followed her request to the letter. The guests had so much fun from my seemingly spontaneous quips, jokes and anecdotes. While feeding each other as is customary at wedding receptions, it was stirring to watch them launch into conversation about God-knows-what. In fact the platter of cake was literally suspended between them as they engaged in a tete-a-tete. I teased them about the kind of conversations they would have as a couple. Where ‘normal’ couples would discuss the weather, they would be discussing the Sulphur dioxide content of their neighborhood using bio indicators.

I love to introduce games to add fun to and spice up events and during the how-well-you-know-your-partner game, Jite brought her superior dancing skills to the fore. She was rewarded with thunderous applause from the audience at her flawless performance of the sekem dance. Voke too was not left out on the fun as he shkoki’ed his way to the middle of the hall to give his bride a kiss.

Just as Jite had requested, the event ended early but little did I know that the fun was just about to begin as the Deejay repeatedly dished out danceable tunes. I think that if you can determine how successful a marriage will be by the amount of time the couple spends dancing on the wedding day, Jite and Voke would definitely have an uber-successful marriage.

I wish Mr. and Mrs. Voke Abafe conjugal bliss.



IMG_1284 IMG_1286 IMG_1288


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