Sarah’s Serendipity Part 1

Finally I decided that my days of walking, hopping on and off buses and taking cabs in Lagos were about to end because the rains had finally come and in Lagos, when it rains it pours. I couldn’t endure yet another year of Lagos rains in this condition.

I had been saving for a car for a while so I called my only male bestie and told him we needed to go car shopping.

“Mark I need a car”, I said without preamble as he picked up the call.

“How soon?” came his reply

“A.S.A.P. Can we go car shopping on Saturday?”


I smiled inwardly as I hung up. What would the world be like without good friends like Mark?

Saturday’s weather was even drearier. The rains beat upon the earth with such ferociousness you would think there was a quarrel between earth and sky. Mark and I were out in the rain driving from one car lot to another in search of a car suitable enough for my budget. After hours and hours of fruitless search, we finally decided it was time to head home.

I sagged into the passenger seat of Mark’s car staring at my muddied feet. He gave my shoulder a squeeze and I sniffled, next thing I knew he was laughing so hard. I wondered why he was laughing and I told him I wasn’t finding it funny at all.

“When you want to buy a car, you need to be patient. Else you will end up in regret”, he said, all traces of laughter gone from his voice

“You trust my judgment that’s why you brought me with you, right?” he asked.

I nodded.

“Don’t worry; I’ll make sure you get a good car. That’s a promise”

I sniffled even harder.

The rains continued to pelt the streets of Lagos in the following weeks, turning them into small streams and tributaries. I on the other hand continued to pester Mark about getting me a car.

Blackberry Messenger:

Me: Mark, where is my car

Mark: I saw one (mentions model and year of car), but I don’t think you will like it

Me: I’m tired of hopping buses in the rain (insert crying emoticon)  

Mark: Do you want to try Cotonou (Benin Republic)

Me: Noooooooo. I hear they are all fraudsters there

Mark: Good. Be patient. We haven’t exhausted all the car lots in Lagos.

Just when I was beginning to believe that the witches in my village were behind my inability to get a good car, Mark turned up with some useful information. His colleague’s friend was travelling to the United States for further studies and wanted to sell his 2006 Toyota Corolla.

“His name is Dr. Brown. Call him now” urged Mark

“You bet”, I replied

“Hi, Dr. Brown, my name is Sarah. I understand you have a car for sale”

“Yes I do”, came a rich baritone from the other end of the line.

“When would you like to take a look at the car?” he continued

“Saturday looks good”

“Saturday is fine.  Are you on Whatsapp, so I can send you the address?”

I felt it was a little odd that he wanted to send the address via Whatsapp when a simple sms could have done the job. I dismissed the thought from my mind and called Mark to tell him we would be seeing the Doctor’s car the following Saturday.

Later that day on Whatsapp Messenger:

Dr. Brown: You have a beautiful face to match your voice

Me: And how can you tell?

Dr. Brown: Your profile picture. How did your day go?

Me: Cold, wet and stressful.

Dr. Brown: Sorry about that.

Me: You haven’t sent me the address

Dr. Brown: I’m sending it now….

As planned, Mark, his car mechanic and I made the trip to go and see Dr. Brown’s car the following Saturday. Mark and Dr. Brown started discussing cars while the mechanic went to work looking at the car beginning with the engine. I went to sit in Mark’s car for the mechanic to finish.

By the time the mechanic was done, Mark and the Doctor were still discussing cars so animatedly I wondered how anybody or group of people could be so enthusiastic about a piece of machinery. From where I was sitting in the car, I watched Dr. Brown as he laughed at something Mark said revealing gleaming white teeth. I got out of the car intending to break up the emergency male bonding session that in my opinion had gone on for too long. As I approached them, I found myself staring up into Dr. Brown’s deep-set chocolate brown eyes framed by shaggy brows.

“I’m sorry to interrupt this discussion, but can we go now?” I asked shifting my gaze to Mark

“Sure thing, boss” Mark replied in mock salute.

I turned on my heel and strode back to the car, with Mark following closely. I only got back to the car when I realized I didn’t say goodbye to Dr. Brown.

“I hope you like it”, came his rich baritone from behind.

“I didn’t know you were following me”, I answered, turning around only to find him so close I could smell his aftershave; it was a light, airy scent.

“And miss the chance to say goodbye to a beautiful lady?” “Not in my dreams”

I found myself blushing at his compliment.

“We can start the paper work on Monday”, I offered as I got into the car

Mark was waiting when I got in.

“He’s a cool one to know. Pity he’s travelling soon”

“Hmmm”, I grunted

Whatsapp Messenger:

Dr. Brown: Home yet?

Me: Yes

Dr. Brown: How is your boyfriend?

Me: Who?

Dr. Brown: Mark

Me: He’s not my boyfriend

Dr. Brown: Seriously?! (Surprised smiley)

Me: Yes. We’re just friends. Why?

Dr. Brown: I like you. You’re even more beautiful in person

Me: (tongue out smiley)

Dr. Brown: I don’t have a girlfriend

Me: How is that my business?

Dr. Brown: Will you be mine?

Me: I thought you were travelling in three weeks

Dr. Brown: Travelling, not dying

Me: Well, no

Dr. Brown: Can I at least take you on a date to seal the car deal?

Me: Maybe

Dr. Brown: Let’s write our little story. And hope it ends well. I’m not promising heaven and earth but all I know is I’ll be nice. Both indoors and outdoors

Me: Whatever that means. Have a good night

Dr. Brown: I really wish you were mine. I wish you would give me these three weeks. Your heart is all I need.

Me: To do what? Break it?

Dr. Brown: To mend it. I’m a doctor, I mend. I don’t break

Me: Goodnight doc. It’s been a long day

If only the handsome doctor knew the effects his words had on me? I lay in bed long after I ended the chat thinking of what it would be liked to be kissed senseless by Dr. Brown. I wondered what it would feel like to be held in his embrace and stroked by his warmth. When I finally fell asleep I had the most beautiful dream. In the dream, I was walking through a field. The wind was in my hair and the sun was in my eyes. Rose petals were strewn everywhere. Someone was holding my hand, gently guiding me through the field. When I looked up, I saw Doctor Brown smiling down at me.

To Be Continued……



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